Broadmeadow Special School has a Local Governing Body (LGB) which has a general responsibility under Central Learning Partnership Trust (CLPT) for the effective management of the school acting within the framework set by CLPT and national legislation. It is responsible for staff appointments and for the oversight of the curriculum and school resources. The LGB meets every term to discuss policy and receive reports from the Headteacher. The Governors seek to form links between the school, the LA and the community it serves.

All correspondence to the Governors should be addressed to the School.

Name Term of Office Register of Business Interests 2017/18 Category Attendance
LEGB 01/03/17
LEGB 07/06/17
LEGB 01/11/17
Other Governance Roles
Susan Ellick 01/09/16 – 31/08/20 Nil Co-opted by the Trust Yes  N  Y  –
Deepak Kalra 12/06/13 – 20/10/19 Nil Co-opted by the Trust No  Y  Y  –
Karen Warrington 01/09/03 Nil Headteacher Yes  Y  Y  –
Lisa Walker Ongoing Nil Associate Yes  Y  Y Parent Governor at Bhylls Acre Primary School
June Allen 19/11/12 – 20/10/19 Nil Co-opted by the Trust Yes  Y  Y  –
Diane Purchase 07/10/14 – 20/10/19 Nil Staff Yes  Y  Y  –
Joanne Wilkes 07/10/14 – 20/10/19 Nil Staff Yes  Y  Y  –
Sarah Padfield 24/02/16- 23/02/20 Nil Parent No  Y  Y  –
Sarah Jane Price  Parent  NS  –
Doug Selkirk 01/12/15 – 30/11/19 Married to Georgetta Holloway, Executive Headteacher of Heath Park and Moseley Park Trust Yes  Y  Y Governor at all schools in CLPT
Karen Newey and/or Phil Williams 01/12/15 – 30/11/19 Husband of Karen Newey – Summit Garage (Dudley) Ltd

Husband of Karen Newey – Car Leasing Bargains Ltd

Phil Williams – Nil

Trust Yes  Y  Y Governor at Wolverhampton schools in CLPT
J Campbell Other Y  Y

Our Link Governors

  • Special Educational Needs – All Governors
  • Safeguarding/Looked After Children/Health and Safety – Sue Ellick
  • ICT/Behaviour – Dr Deepak Kalra
  • Health and Well-Being – Sarah Padfield
  • Training – Lisa Walker
  • Pupil Premium – Wendy Bate
  • Achievement – Doug Selkirk